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Our projects have toured the world, from the United States, Norway, Denmark, France and to Australia.

We build together with our clients a business environment strong.


Web Design

Web Design is responsible for the transformation of lines of code in a web site functional and easy to use by users. No web design, no client would know how to use a website, which are its functions and how it can make an action inside it. In short, through web design, we make possible the interaction between the customer and your business and generate sales that bring you profit. Let us show you what we can do!

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E-Commerce website or online trade has become today more than a fashion, but a market extremely strong. Whatever there is in the offline is more likely to effectively communicate and reach your target audience through an online presence. But the online site is already supersaturated, so as to differentiate yourself you have to have much more.

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A brand is a promise made both to the final customer and for you. A brand is responsible to the customers, it is unique and always knows how to communicate effectively. A brand is the top of a business that knows how to position itself in the market and that has a special place in the minds of its consumers. You want your business to become a strong brand? Let’s see what we can do for you!

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Google is most important search engine at the present time and a massive generator of profits for those who know how to use it. Here enters the scene SEO or search engine optimization that turns your website into a generator of leads and a leader in conversions. Are needed, however, technical artifices that only the SEO experts know.




Marketing is a complex notion. But the kind of complex it is and its importance, because it is the one that put the market in motion and divides it into slices for the client who has to take a decision. That decision can be left in his care or it can be a boost to the customer to not be able to resist. This difference is the from a business in which customers stand in line and one who stands in line to receive customers. What category do you want to be?



Social media

Social Media has a huge role in day today, not only in social but also in business. Businesses need a voice, something to make them recognized by the users, something that only the brands they have. That’s why, if you want the process of communication in the online environment to be complete, we need your business to express themselves through Social Media.

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You want the digital package full-service?
You’ve come to the right place!

Starting at the lines of code that I draw the skeleton of the site up to the hosting web site that gives a pulse and makes him see the light online, we ensure that your website is 100% complete.

9 years of experience, the know-how of our specialists and our references international turns Happy Advertising in the agency, your digital premium.

01. We know each other…

You write us, give us a call or send us a carrier pigeon. We’re receiving your message and contact you in turn. We do our lessons and set up a meeting with you to discuss more about your project.

02. Research = Solutions!

We meet and we make sure that we find out absolutely every detail about your business and your goals. In this meeting we exchange experience, determine what we need to do next and about how you want to show the project you have in mind.

03. Put into practice

We already know what we need to do and we get it on. We take care to make the deadline that I set in the meeting with you and, moreover, we consult with you to ensure that things go in the desired direction you.

04. We enjoy success together!

I deliver what I promised in a timely manner, in the final version. For that I communicated effectively throughout the project, as a rule, are no longer in need of changes. You settle your bill, we thank you and we expect you with other personal projects, or recommendations of your friends.

We know our tech

In time, we specialize on the following technologies

Over 500 satisfied customers!

“I found at Happy Advertising exactly the team I needed to create a website for a european conference. Alex I'm grateful to you and your team for the seriousness, the creativity and the innovative spirit that you have shown during our collaboration. Mattered much to me the communication that I had with you and the compliance with the deadlines set. I've found you to be flexible and very friendly! Thank you for everything and definitely we will work together in the future!”

M.S. Coralina Chiriac

Asociatia Romana de Psihoterapie Integrativa

"It was a great pleasure working with Happy Advertising. The patience of which he gave proof to every requirement of mine (most times exaggerated) convinced me to call every time I need a webdesigner very good."

Alex Ceausu

Regizor – Ador Media

"As the director of marketing at Brown University in Rhode Island and a graduate of STS I had the opportunity to be accepted at the hall of fame of Xavier High School. Alex Filoti seem to understand my need to present all of what I had to present to the board as if he was with me at that school 30 years ago.
Excellent job creating a website that presented my career and achievements in the best possible way.
Thanks Alex for a job well done”

Phil Gloudemans

Director of Brown University, RI

"Thanks team “Happy Advertising” as you are with us – the Freedom newspaper, Mix Music Entertainment &”Happy Hour” (Pro Tv) – in the charity's “MirceaMergeMaiDeparte.ro”. I'm glad you have been receptive and have supported the campaign mentioned above is meant to give the chance to go to the young Mircea Campean, severely affected by a locomotor disability. The Site previously mentioned (which have been developed in the framework of the project) proved to be a good engine for the promotion of the case!"

Catalin Maruta & Florian Gheorghe

PRO TV / Libertatea

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