If you want to start an online business, in order to be successful, you will need a serious marketing study. Our team will provide you with premium marketing services in order for your business to be successful!

If you go on a trip to an area where you haven’t been before, what do you do first?
You look on a map, right? You obviously create a route!
So, before we release a marketing campaign, we make sure we have a well established plan for you beforehand, in order to propose sustainable goals for your business development!

Why do you need marketing?

A business idea is not at all the same as a business plan or strategy.
Similarly, a marketing idea is not the equivalent to a marketing strategy.

What sets us apart?

A study of the field

An analysis of the competition

Quantifiable objectives

Stages well-established

Implementations supported

Monitoring of the results

Constant communication

That’s what we aim to achieve together in order for the marketing to be the tailored to your business, not just a generalist concept.

How do we help you create
an effective marketing plan?

First of all, we need to meet up to discuss your business in details. Second, we need to put together a brief to understand how you want your business to evolve. Once these things have been understood, we are prepared to create together the marketing strategy, following this plan:

for your business

Any business must come up with some quantifiable objectives, to follow on a limited period of time

Your target audience

Those who are interested in your product or services, their characteristics, and the way you can interact with them


What marketing formulas you want to adopt for your business in order to get get as many users as possible ready to convert

and monitoring

Implement the entire plan, monitor the and report them.


The places where you implement marketing actions and which are frequented by your target audience

Why should you choose Happy?

There isn’t only one reason to choose us. And this is a quality that we are not afraid to display. We will not tell you the clichés with a „young and dynamic team” or „guaranteed results in x months”, but only this:

We always know how to adapt to your needs!

And this is how your needs become our requirements, and we will create a strategy together to achieve the results we have agreed upon.
It sounds simple, but it’s all about our collaboration, because no matter how good our strategy is, you need us just the same we need you

You get this:


Strategy custom


Implementation planned


Ongoing collaboration


Quantifiable objectives



“Alex si echipa lui sunt ceea ce ai nevoie când dorești să devii performant pe digital! Atenți, creativi, dinamici, mereu prezenți cu sugestii și recomandări „au făcut diferența” în această lume nebună! Parte din succesul nostru din se datorează lor și îi recomandăm fără nicio ezitare!”

Ilie Dragan


“Echipa happy advertising este echipa flexibila , ce si-a dorit sa ma insoteasca in cautarea identitatii businessului meu , Casa de Oaspeti Dor de suflet. Mi-a placut spiritul deschis , de acea voi colabora si pe viitor cu ei. ”

Petre Monica


“Am colaborat si inca colaborez foarte bine cu echipa Happy Advertising. Ii recomand.”

Adrian Ungureanu


“Sunt tineri, simpatici si se misca rapid. Ce-mi place la Happy Advertising este ca sunt o gasca de oameni cu care poti sa discuti pe bune, fara ocolisuri. Sunt flexibili si nu-l iau in brate pe „eu mai departe de patratica asta nu ma misc, trebuie sa ne dai 0,00005 euro in plus”. Si cred ca astea sunt si motivele pentru care facem o echipa buna pe proiectele in care am fost implicati. 🙂 ”

Enachescu Alexandra

Make Sense

What’s preventing you to use marketing to your advantage?

„I invest, but I will get the money back? Guaranteed?”sești marketing to your advantage?

Benjamin Franklin wrote a phrase that has remained famous:
„In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
So outside of those two elements, nothing can be guaranteed in life. This does not mean that we do not provide guarantees for our work. What you need to know is that in terms of marketing, we must always beware of those who promise guaranteed results. Certainly, they will not only entice you for a few months, and then to tell you, with sadness: I did everything I could, but it doesn’t work…
We want to go on the road to something more strategic, and what we can give you the promise certainly is the transparency.
What you see is what you get!

„Marketing is stupid. Important is to have the right product for the right people!”

Let’s say that you really the product (or service) the ideal: quality at a price perfectly, placed faultlessly. How will they find out „the right people” for him?
Even one of the four P’s of the marketing basis, in addition to product, price and placement, is promoting.
Without proper communication, without objectives, without defining your audience, it’s like winking in the dark. Nothing you know that you can do with the eye, if no one else sees this gesture.
So, no, marketing is not silly, if it’s done by professionals.

Put us to work!

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